darknessOver 300 years have passed
And still today Witches begin to gather and meet

There is always Magick to be Summoned
Be it to help or hinder
That Magick Power flows through our veins

The Ritual begins when the match lights the first Candle

Pink Wax drips upon the sands of our friendship

Each of us anointed with Jasmine Oil a dab on the wrists a bit behind each knee and a touch of Oil to the back of the neck that will bind the love of our ArtFancyPentagramBarWe sing around the Fire
As a brisk chill of cold waves crash along the shore

These flames will be our only light to guide our path tonight

Spells begin to Spin
Spirits are Stirring about
Moonless is the Sky

Dried Peppermint Leaf is tossed into the fire’s flames by the handful a wonderful charm to spice up your life

The Curse of the Dark Moon is upon us tonight

Hidden well is the nature of our sinister Craft

Our Circle guarded well surrounded by a thick ring of Sea SaltFancyPentagramBarFor the Door of the Underworld is open on a Night like tonight and one ever knows which Spirit be friend or foe will come through that open door

We join hands…

Then it happened we felt an incredible jolt of energy flow through us

This be not any Mortal attachment
Whispers riding off into the Night Air
One more moment let this last a little longer

Secret is our practice because it touches those things that are deep within us

Things that we are normally afraid to bring out in ourselves

We stand around in Nature
Breeze blowing under the Stars
Candles flickering in the darkFancyPentagramBar

…gathered together we feel a strong Kinship and Harmony with each other

Something that just cannot be written in words but rather drawn by blood ❤

Source: CURSE of the DARK MOON

By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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