Celtic Gods & Goddess’s.

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One of the most often cited statements about Celtic gods is that we have over 300 of their names that came down on us, while we know actually almost nothing about their functions. With this statement, usually the idea is transferred that the Celts had an unbelievable large pantheon which consisted mainly of local gods and demigods, with only a few if at all gods in common. However, this is probably a misinterpretation due to lack of knowledge.

celtic gods and goddesses

A number of differing theories have been issued about how the Celtic (and, most often the common IE pantheon) might have been structured. The main theories follow the Dumezilian system, which postulates a tripartite structure where one part of the gods is the “warriors”, one the “agro-culturalists”, and one the craftsmen” gods as the common system behind the IE panthei. However, this system has been often questioned. One of the most interesting…

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