Get Off the Phone A Bit

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1453699580640Turn the (insert whatever you want here) phone off! Seriously, get off the phone when you are spending time with your sweetheart, friends, or family. I’m not saying we can’t occasionally check our phone. But you’re not going to die if you put your phone down for a date, a movie, a game, or dinner (especially for meals, please! How rude). If we did die from putting our phones down, then I would be blogging about, “don’t put your phone down, you could die.”

The first time I realized that a phone can hinder a relationship was when I was tried to pet my dog while being on the phone. Her name is Lita. Well, not on Lita’s time. That’s why I took a picture of her and me. She demanded that I get off the phone for a full pet massage and “kissies” attention.

If an animal is smart…

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