Chewy Chocolate Stonehenge

The New City Witches Cocktail Coven

Creating an object of value or virtue to you in edible form and consuming it to form a meaningful connection has been practised as long as humans have possessed the ability to attribute mystical powers to people or objects.

Along with the arts of magical picturing and effigy we can use food as an all-purpose magical stuff for forming alliances, sealing friendships, feuds, and affiliations.

If you can’t get over to the traditional Summer Solstice ceremony at Salisbury Plain this year, this may be an option to explore for a taste of Stonehenge.

I Googled “easy brownie recipe” and used that for this, with the same coconut grass I used in the Easter Lamb Sweet Sacrifice post.

‘Stonehenge’by T.S. Salmon


WRAPT in the veil of time’s unbroken gloom,

Obscure as death and silent as the tomb,

Where cold oblivion holds her dusky reign,

Frowns the dark pile on…

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