Dancing in the Old Graveyard

What does howl in blackest night
Headstones, aglow in pale moonlight
Whilst spirits wander, invisible sights
Taunting, in their whirling flight

Those who lie here, they have said
Are really not the ones so dead
For they’ve come from their earthly bed
To wreak the havoc, fill with dread

You, who doesn’t believe so true
Until they claim the breath you drew
Leaving you to wonder who
Took your soul, your heart, no clue

Was left behind in their devilish wake
Underfoot, the ground does quake
As you slip away, you begin to shake
Realizing this was your mistake

That dealt the hand and held your card
You drift away, put down your guard
Now you join them, ravenous, and scarred
Dancing in the old graveyard


©2016 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved

Source: Dancing in the Old Graveyard

By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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