A Frigga Blot with Runes & Lagoons

The New City Witches Cocktail Coven

Today is the day of Frigga’s Blot –  much more than just the wife of the All-Father Odin, she is the goddess of prophecy & silence, wifehood & motherhood. She is a sky goddess, responsible for spinning and weaving the fates.

 To celebrate Frigga this Friday, a domestic setting is appropriate, as she is closely connected with hearth and home.  An ideal situation would be a girls night in, not so much a hen night as a goose night – the goose is Frigga’s sacred bird. Legend connects her with the original Mother Goose.

 She was credited with first using rune stones as a form of divination, so tonight is an auspicious night for fortunetelling. I am creating my own edible version of rune stones using flower flavours (as we are still in a time influenced by flower goddess Flora) and Frigga’s colours of white and blue.


We will…

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