The Power of Words


People often fear Pagans. They feel that Shamans, Witches, Houngans, and Mambos can cast spells on them. The truth is, spells are cast by mundanes every day with profound effects on the quality of your life. All they need are words and intentions, and the hope that you will react, rather than respond to what is said.

I was having a conversation today with a coworker about the power of the words spoken to us as children by parents, who hold tremendous power over us, or by bosses who hold the same power as we enter the work force. By lovers, and by siblings. Teachers and service professionals.

Everyone has power over everyone, as long as we observe the world through ego.

As a child, many attempts were made to make me feel unworthy, unattractive, and lacking in intelligence. Attempts were made… but for the most part (not completely) failed.


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