GrannyMoon*s Morning Feast
30 September 2014

lakshmiGoddess Lakshimi
If I need to cry,let me realize it’s a natural process and help me to let go.
So mote it be!!

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Blessed be my little witch. To those who came before and those who will come after, know that the Goddess is with you always”
Thank you all my dear readers…be blessed.~GrannyMoon


Each And Every Day A Feast Day!
Embrace It!!!

Earth Signs and Omens
gaiabigUncover the Hidden Mysteries of Nature

In Nature, we can find guidance about all life’s mysteries and all issues in our individual life circumstances.
We will learn the signs, omens and messages in nature and understand when and how they communicate with us.
One of the easiest and most rewarding of the divinatory arts, you will learn why things are happening to you
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The course covers signs and omens, communication, seasonal rites, trees and shrubs, flowers, plants and weeds,
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The Magic of Crystals Course
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crystallgQuartz crystals are a gift from the earth. They have the ability to amplify or strengthen the things in you that are positive.
Quartz can strengthen your ability to be a loving person, and can enhance your abilities to enjoy life and accomplish the things you want in life.
Quartz can reduce stress, help with centering, strengthen, have wonderful healing properties and surround you with protection!

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The Goddess School Grimoire
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The Goddess School Grimoire is a collection of recipes, artwork, poetry, prose, prayers, rituals, spells, and practical Goddess wisdom put together by the teachers, students, alumni, and friends of The Sisters of the Burning Branch Goddess School. The sisterhood is dedicated to restoring spiritual balance by returning the Divine Feminine to her rightful place and by assisting women in their personal and spiritual development. Since being founded by Head and High Mother Priestess Grandmother Moon in 2000, The Goddess School ( has grown into a large and beautiful global community of women.

1naturalwitchWe learn from Our Mother…the Earth, the Moon, the weather, from the elements, the animals, the stones, the seasons, the trees and all manner of living and breathing things, as well as the inanimate. They have much to tell us, much to share. We learn the language of the Earth and her inhabitants, but we must resonate with them to understand. This is a fun 13 week E-Course, with hands-on projects that you will love!

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The Healing Arts!
herbalAll Courses Are On-Line

Welcome to a journey to learn about the hidden powers of herbs and our Mother Earth. Wise women and men have existed for thousands of years and still exist throughout the world. They know Mother Earth as the ultimate healer, and have learned to utilize the gifts of of nature. Inside each person is a being of wisdom, deeply connected to the Earth, to the phases of the moon and the tides of the sea. All we need to do is trust our innate wisdom.

In Herbalism 101, we cover 21 herbs, and start our Materia Medica, that we will build throughout the next two levels. We will cover the basic aspects of herbs. From culinary to magickal, medicinal to ornamental. As well as the many modalities of herbs!

Herbalism 202 – We focus on herbs and terminology having to do with health and health care, making herbal medicines, classifying herbs, the Doctrine of Signatures, and much much more!

Herbalism 303 – This last series of classes teaches about the entire body, one system at a time. You’ll learn about how the body functions and what health problems are related to which body system. You’ll also learn about natural health remedies for many health problems.

Free with purchase of Herbalism 1,2,and 3. I am attuned to Usui Ryoho, but I also ask that my students read the Diane Stein book, Essential Reiki. We cover the three levels and you will receive a Master’s attunement and certificate.
Each course is ten weeks in length.
Each course is 50.00 taken separately and earns a certificate in Healing Arts.
Earn a Priest or Priestess certification in Healing Arts by taking these four courses.
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The Healing Arts certificate four part series will earn a Priest or Priestess Certification from The Order of the Burning Branch
No text books required unless otherwise noted.
Herbalism 101 (The Universe of Herbs, begin your own Materia Medica)
Herbalism 202 (My Herbalism 101 is required)
Herbalism 303 (My Herbalism 101 and 202 is required)
Reiki I, II, and III – Text book required


GrannyMoon Says Today Is: Tiu’s Day – the day of Mars…also Ares, Tiwaz, Tiw (from whom it is named), Tuisco, and Tyr.

Tuesday is ruled by Mars, whose Magickal influences are: Passion, courage, aggression, and protection. Tuesday comes under the influence of Mars, the planet associated with vitality, passion, ambition, and raw, unabashed power. Mars energy makes the mind acute, and the body restless; therefore, on Tuesday we are likely to exert ourselves physically and take action to achieve goals. This day is dynamic and high-spirited, and the prevailing energies may include carelessness and destructiveness as well, so it is good to be cautious—especially while traveling.

Tuesday is the proper day of the week to perform rituals involving courage, physical strength, revenge, surgery, and the breaking of negative spells.

Today’s Magickal Influences ~ Destination, War, Courage, Surgery, Physical Strength

Today’s Goddesses: Aset [Isis], Soorejnaree, Pingalla, Anna, Aine, Danu, Yngona, Bellona, Aida Wedo, Sun Woman

Perfumes: Hellebore, Carnation, Patchouli

Incense: Lignum, Aloes, Plantain

Color of The Day: Red

Colors for Tomorrow: Yellow

Lucky Sign: Tuesday Is The Lucky Day For Aries and Scorpio

Candle: Red


Lunabar Moon Almanack for Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Waxing, Crescent Moon Age: 6 ½ days.
Ascending Node is at 19° Libra.
Moon in 26th degree of the Sign, and 0th degree
of the Constellation of Sagittarius, the Bowman.
Moonrise: 1:00 eve. Souths: 6:11 eve. Moonset: 11:26 eve.

Astrological Attributes for Sagittarius: Yang, Masculine, Solar, Positive, Diurnal, Fiery, Mutable, Barren, Horary Eastern, Autumnal, Austral, Obeying, Double, Double-Bodied, Dual, Bicorporeal, Feral, Bestial, Animal, Four-footed, Dry, Vocal (first half only), Bitter, Hot.

Spells and rituals Involving The Fire Element ~ Should Be Performed When The Moon Is In A Fire Sign: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo

Current Moon Phase – New Moon ~ The beginning of a new cycle.

Goddess Aspect: Maiden

Associated Goddesses: Artemis, Branwen, Eriu, Nymph, Epona

Magickal Attributes: Invoking. Workings On This Day Are For Starting New Ventures, New Beginnings, Love, Romance, Health Or Job Hunting.

Keywords for the New phase are: beginning, birth, emergence, projection, clarity. It is the time in a cycle that you are stimulated to take a new action. During this phase the new cycle is being seeded by your vision, inner and outer. Engage in physical activity. Spend time alone. VISUALIZE your goals for the 29.6-day cycle ahead. New Moon workings can be done from the day of the new moon to three-and-a-half days after. The new moon is for starting new ventures, new beginnings. Also love and romance, health or job hunting.

Lunar Lore
Peas and Beans Sowed upon a new Moon, and she
in good Aspect of Jupiter or Venus, from aery or
watery Signs, they never leave blooming till they
begin to wither.
~ Leovitius.

The Lunar Mansion
Alshaula, The Sting of the Scorpion,
also known as Cauda Scorpionis, The Tail of the Scorpion.
Marked by the fix’d Star: Shaula, in Scorpius.

Whiles Scorpio, dreading Sagittarius’ dart
Whose bow prest bent in flight the string had slipped,
Down slid into the ocean flood apart.
~ Sackville, “Mirror of Magistrates.”


Lunabar Sun Almanack for Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Sunrise: 7:02 morn. Sunset: 6:52 eve.
Length of Day: 11h. 50m.
Dawn: 6:35 morn. Dusk: 7:19 eve.
Length of Twilight: 0h. 27m.
Sun in 6th degree of the Sign Libra, the Balance;
also in 13th degree of the Constellation Virgo, the Virgin;

Solar Lore
A glaring, sunny morning never comes to a good end.
~French proverb.

The Sun in Libra: Yang, Masculine, Solar, Positive, Diurnal, Airy, Cardinal, Semi-fruitful, Horary Western, Autumnal, Austral, Obeying, Equinoctial, Moist, Vocal, Sweet, Hot.


At GoddessSchool we use song and chants to raise power, using drums, tambourines or just humming along works too! We celebrate the Mother – the Full Moon – Mother Earth – Mother Nature – she is in us all – we are in her – we are one! We will learn some songs, beat the drums, howl at the Moon! We are ever changing as does the Moon – Feel the Moon – let her fill you up! Join us! Feel free to contact me:


Seasons of the Witch – Ancient Holidays
Remember The Ancient Ways and Keep Them Holy!

Goddess Month of Mala begins 9/6 – 10/2
Celtic Tree Calendar: September 30 – October 27 ~ The Ivy

(30 September – 27 October) Ivy is the symbol of resurrection. It is an herb of Jupiter and the sun, and is associated with positive ego strength. It is sacred to Osiris and Saturn and is also connected with the god Dionysus. When Zeus’s wife Hera, discovered that Zeus had bedded Semele, the daughter of Cadmus, King of Thebes, Hera suggested to Semele that she should ask Zeus to unveil himself to her. When he did so, his divine flames consumed her and almost killed her unborn child, Dionysus, but for a sudden growth of ivy. In still another story of the deities, Kissos is the name given to a nymph who dances so furiously at a Dionysian feast that she collapses and dies of exhaustion. Dionysus, grieving her untimely death, changes her into ivy.

Most Ivies have five-pointed leaves which are sacred to the Goddess. The month of Ivy is a good time to work for rebirth and tenaciousness. Ivy has attributes of restraint of fear and dealing with emotions. Ivy grows in a sacred spiral, which symbolizes reincarnation, from lifetime to lifetime, from minute to minute and day to day. Ivy travels everywhere – it spreads steadily and thrives in many places where no other greenery could survive – its determination to reach through obstacles toward light and food is well known and therefore Ivy symbolizes strength.

October ~ Moon Phases
First Quarter falls on Wednesday, October 01, 2014 at 3:33 PM
Full “Hunter’s” Moon falls on Wednesday, October 08, 2014 at 6:50 AM
Last Quarter falls on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at 3:13 PM
New Moon falls on Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 5:56 PM
First Quarter falls on Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 10:48 PM

The Seasons, 2014
Autumnal Equinox (Fall begins) September 22nd at 9:28 evening.
Sun on Equator, crosses the line South, enters the sign of Libra.
Winter Solstice (Winter begins) December 21st at 6:01 evening.
Sun Rides Low, at Southern tropic (turn), enters the sign of Capricorn.
The Year Is Divided Into Four Seasons:
The first season is of a frigid complexion, and this is “Winter”;
The second is of the complexion of Air, and this is “Spring”;
Then follows the third, which is “Summer”, and is of the complexion of Fire;
Lastly, there is the fourth, wherein fruits are matured, which is “Autumn”.
~The Turba Philosophorum, ca. 12 century

Our Weekly Affirmation
If you repeat an affirmation three times a day three times each time you do it for 28 days it will
become a part of your being and whenever you feel like life is going out of control you will be able
to just find that safe place.

Affirmation Of The Week!
“I take charge of unbalanced situations in my life. I restore order and balance through action and faith as I see exactly what needs to change in order to move into greater wholeness.” Love blinds us to people’s faults, but hate blinds us to their virtues.


Tasha’s Astro Planner Day By Day for September 2014.

Tue. 9/30 Hospitable Sagittarius Moon suggests taking a friend to lunch.



As The Wheel Turns ~ Legends and Lore for September 23

The Meditrinalia ~ Roman day to honor Meditrina, Goddess of Medicines and Healing. Invoke Her and ask for Her healing gifts.

Meditrinalia ~ On this date, the annual Meditrinalia festival was celebrated in the city of Rome in honor of the Goddess Meditrina, a deity who presided over medicines
and the arts of healing.

Epitaphia ~ In ancient Greece, the Epitaphia was held once a year on this date to honor the souls of the warriors slain to battle.

Live each Season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each. ~Henry David Thoreau (1817 – 1862)
NOTE: Because of the large number of ancient calendars, many in simultaneous use, as well as different ways of computing holy days (marked by the annual inundation, the solar year, the lunar month, the rising of key stars, and other celestial and terrestrial events), you may find these holy days celebrated a few days earlier or later at your local temple.


GrannyMoon’s Reading for Today ~ 9 of Cups

Keywords for today: Knowing – Success – Pleasure – Satisfaction – Confidence

A culmination of your energies. Traditionally known as the wishing card, it is time to receive the object of your desires. If you can trust your wants and desires, you will achieve your goals.
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Today’s Goddess ~ Lakshimi
Lakshimi Puja (India)

Themes~ Devotion; Luck; Wealth; Relationships; Prosperity; Love; Harvest; Autumn
Symbols~ Lotus; Rice; Coins; Basil

About Lakshimi ~ A favorite Goddess in the Hindu pantheon, Lakshimi brings devoted love into our lives, along with a little luck and extra pocket change to help things along. When called upon, Lakshimi opens the floodgates of heaven to meet our heart’s or budget’s needs.

To Do Today ~ This annual festival celebrates Lakshimi and honors her ongoing goodness, which manifests in an abundant autumn harvest.

If you are a merchant or store owner, it’s customary to appeal to Lakshimi today for the ongoing success of your business. You can do this by placing a few grains of rice, some basil, or a coin in your daily tally sheets. This neatly tucks Lakshmi’s fortunate nature into your finances.

For those wishing for Lakshmi’s luck in love, gather a handful of rice cooked in basil water (the cooking process adds energy and emotional warmth). Sprinkle this on the walkway leading up to your home and your preferred vehicle, saying,

“Lakshimi, let true love find its way to my home;
Let me carry luck with me wherever I roam.”

Keep a pinch of this in an airtight container, and carry it with you into social situations.
It will act as a charm to improve your chances of meeting potential mates.
From “365 Goddess” by Patricia Telesco and GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast Archives

Pagan Studies ~ Spinning Energy Spell

To add a magical boost to the energy of your home, place an object evocative of the spinning process, such as a spinning wheel, in your living room or foyer. Spinning is a magical act, so products created from this act can also be used to represent the process. Several skeins of handspun yarn can be arranged in a basket and positioned wherever you need to raise energy. Assuming that most people no longer spin their own yarn, you can substitute an image of a spinning wheel instead. Set the intent of this spell by saying: “Spin with magic energy; spindle fly, so mote it be.”

by: Sedwin
From: GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast Archives


Health and Healing Arts ~ Pine Essential Oil

Choose Pine essential oil when you are stressed and exhausted.
For those who are sensitive to negative “draining” environments. Enjoy!
From: GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast Archives


Health and Healing Arts ~ Read in the Bathtub

Cleansing and purifying the body is integral to spellwork. Although this does not always require complete immersion in water, today encourages that very thing.
Take extra time to clean the tub surfaces. Gather candles, music, and a beverage of your choice. Create a pillow for your head; be sure the towels and your robe are at hand.
Relax into scented water.

What to read? Peruse the latest Wiccan supply catalogue, revisit your favorite well-worn book on the Craft, or research a skill you wish to cultivate, such as divination or candle magic. Classic fiction, poetry, historical romances, modern chick lit, biographies, travel, and how-to manuals…nothing is off-limits. The point is to turn off the rest of the world for a little bit of time, and feed your mind and refresh your body.

by: Emyme
Coventry of Healing Arts and Pagan Studies Enroll Now!
From: GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast Archives


The Goddess Companion

Money and fame pass like a shower in spring
or like dew on the grass in the morning.
They are there, they glisten, then they pass forever.
Look at that king, so glorious and honored!
Now watch as he dies and cast into dust.
Show me the kings of the past! All dust!
Give me instead a cave high on a mountain.
Give me my solitude. Let me pursue wisdom.
Give me just that, and I will be happy.
~Chinese Song of Kuan Yin

What happened to that fashion which, just last year, we could not live without? The toy that was so irresistible?
The possession that would make our lives perfect?

Previously precious objects form mountains in American garbage dumps. Rulers who killed to have their way lie in
the same earth as the underlings they sacrificed. What perspective can we have when we look back at the lives
of those who passed before us! Why can we not bring such perspective to our own lives today? What do we really
need, what can we live without? What, in the solitude of our own souls, truly nourishes us?

The beloved bodhisattva Kuan-Yin is said to have reached enlightenment through meditation and prayer of solitude.
In solitude, too, we can begin to disencumber ourselves of this world and its demands. With Kuan-Yin, we can seek
happiness in simplicity.

By Patricia Monaghan ~ From “The Goddess Companion”
By Patricia Monaghan ~ From “The Goddess Companion” and GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast


GrannyMoon is Founder and Mother High Priestess of GoddessSchool, Sisters of the Burning Branch, dedicated to the Feminine Divine, which is celebrating it’s 14th year! Former staff member and student of the Esoteric Theological Seminary, LDS Seminary and is an ordained Metaphysical Interfaith minister with doctoral degrees in Theology and Divinity. Doula, Reiki Master and Lifetime Member of Herbal Healer Academy, Inc. Former VA State Representative A.R.E.N. (Alternative Religions Educational Network.) We offer an on-line and off-line community for women, including workshops and retreats.

Offering High Priestess Training and Community, Healing Arts and Pagan Studies to all seekers.

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About The Morning Feast and – The teachings here are based on ordinary magick, the principle that the mundane and the Divine are not separate, but peacefully coexist in all things. Know Mother Earth as the ultimate healer, and learn to utilize her gifts of nature. Inside each woman is a being of wisdom, deeply connected to the phases of the moon and the tides of the sea. All we need to do is trust our innate wisdom.
DISCLAIMER: Submitted In The Spirit of Fair Use! This is how we weave our web, what if witches had never shared their knowledge … where would we be? Right back where we started from…in the broom closet!!! Please do consider checking out the sources and products mentioned here and purchasing them. Either through the Morning Feast (that is really appreciated), through their website and/or directly from the author! I do not claim to have made any of the graphics or written the articles that I send to this list. They come from a wide variety of sources and submissions. Any infringement of said copyright is non-intentional and will be rectified upon notice and proof of ownership. Please feel free to share this work in it’s entirety…but please do give credit where credit is due and link back to the author (if available) and to GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast!

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A Hug

Hugging is good medicine. It transfers energy,
and gives the person hugged an emotional boost.
You need four hugs a day for survival, eight for maintenance, and twelve for growth.
A hug makes you feel good.
The skin is the largest organ we have and it needs a great deal of care.
A hug can cover a lot of skin and gives the message that you care.
It is also a form of communication.
It can say things you don’t have words for.
The nicest thing about a hug is that you usually can’t give one without getting one.

Every Day is Earth Day! Love Your Mother!

“We all come from the Goddess
And to Her we shall return
Like a drop of rain, going to the ocean”

“May the circle be open, but unbroken,
May the love of the Goddess be ever in your heart.
Merry Meet and Merry Part
And Merry Meet Again!”

If you receive the Feast under any other name please contact immediately!
Thank You!

About The Morning Feast and – The teachings here are based on ordinary magick, the principle that the mundane and the Divine are not separate, but peacefully coexist in all things. Know Mother Earth as the ultimate healer, and learn to utilize her gifts of nature. Inside each woman is a being of wisdom, deeply connected to the phases of the moon and the tides of the sea. All we need to do is trust our innate wisdom.

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to have made any of the graphics or written the articles that I send to this list. They come from a wide variety of sources and submissions. Any infringement of said copyright is non-intentional and will be rectified upon notice and proof of ownership. Please feel free to share this work but please do give credit where credit is due and link back to the author (if available) and to GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast! Thank you!

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“We all come from the Goddess
And to Her we shall return
Goddess Blessings!
Live Well – Laugh Often – Love Much


High Priestess Training

Healing Arts and Pagan Studies
Like a drop of rain, going to the ocean”
“May the circle be open, but unbroken,
May the love of the Goddess be ever in your heart.
Merry Meet and Merry Part
And Merry Meet Again!”